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The type of identity documents and health requirements varies according to destination.

Identity document
Be sure you have a valid identity document before you leave.

Identity card
The identity card allows you to move within the European Union. If you are travelling to extra European destinations with a tour operator you may use the id card. You will find a list of nations and related document required on the website travel safe.

Passport is accepted by all the nations, some might require a VISA. Passport is valid for 10 years. The €30.99 revenue stamp for its renewal is not necessary if you’re travelling within the European union.

Travelling to USA:

If you are a tourist or businessman, you will need a return ticket and a max 90 days stay. VISA is not required, since Italy is part of the VISA weaver program.

  • Documents accepted for VISA waiver program:
  • Optical reading passports issued or renewd before 25/10/2005
  • Passports with digital picture issued between 26/10/2005 and 25/10/2006
  • Electronic passport issued from 26/10/2006.

Driving license
Driving license is not valid to move outside italy, since it is not considered a valid identity document.

Documentation for minors
Minors must have an individual identity document. From 24/11/2009 minors must own an individual passport. For passports issued before that date, children can still be recorded within their parents’ passport.

USA destination
Minors travelling to the USA must own and individual passport (both children and infants), otherwise a VIA is required.

Czech Republic destination
Minors from the age of 15 must own their individual document. The ID substituting document (certified picture) issued for minors under 15 is not recognized by the Czech authorities, so an individual passport is required.

For more info please visit the Polizia di Stato website.

Some nations require a list of vaccinations mandatory for passengers to prevent diseases. You can get more info and details on ACI travel safe website or calling the Air health bureau 0039 (0) 965 45559 – 483779.