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A tangible sign for a constant care
With the service charter, Aeroporto S. Anna undertake the achievement of continuous improving targets.  According to the regulation in force every organization supplying service to the public must have its service charter. The handling company witnesses the care for its customers with a recurrent monitoring of the services supplied, the perception of  the customers satisfaction and the expression of the results and goals to be achieved.

Service charters are produced by the main Italian Airport handlers. They picture the present and future targets achieved on the basis of about fifty quality indicators (waiting times, cleanings, delays, information provided). These quality indicators, the sampling, surveying and measuring systems have been recently standardized for an immediate comparison of the results achieved by all the airports.

The Service Charter has been created in accordance with the national guidelines regulating the matter and keeping an eye on the quality provided to the passengers and their perception. The data indicate the present and future goals (reported in the handler development plan) and are achieved by a surveying activity on the services provided (timings) and passenger perception of these services (interviews on the customers satisfaction). Moreover, the charter offers an exchange of ideas, where passengers can leave a suggestion or comment in order to help the Handler improve their services.

Quality indicators
Quality indicators refer to the services provided both by Aeroporto S. Anna and by third service providers. In the Charter you will find the indicators for services provided by the handler, referring to passenger handling and infrastructure  (check-in, information, baggage delivery,comfort,service accessibility) and indicators for services provided by other parties, such as restoration, transportation, cleanliness.

Customers and their satisfaction are important, Aeroporto S. Anna invite passengers to live any suggestions and comment or claim that might improve the services provided.



Service Charter.
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