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Aeroporto S.Anna S.p.A., founded in november 1993, is a public asset (Chamber of Commerce of Crotone, Province of Crotone, Municipality of Crotone, Region Calabria)

Aeroporto A.Anna S.p.A. manages and handles the airport facilities and coordinates and monitor the activity of the airport operators.

As a handler agent assists aircrafts and passengers.

This duty is carried out by an effective handling of the airport operations to guarantee a proper quality level. As a handler, they have the task to provide the main ground services by a direct supply or coordinating third parties activities.

The Management also provides passenger and baggage security check as set out by the current laws, besides the handling of lost items. ENAC monitor and control the company performance, and the Management must inform ENAC about any change might occur in the services or in the operation area.

Every year, the Company release the Service Charter according to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Transportation and ENAC to ensure the respect of the quality level of the services supplied to passengers.