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Located on the plateau of Isola Capo Rizzuto at 1500mt above sea level, right in the middle of the promontory stretching out from the Gulf of Squillace to the Gulf of Taranto, the airport assists a wide area covering the whole Province of Crotone, a large part of the territory of the Sila and the Ionian area of Catanzaro. The overall area covered represents the 25% of the Calabrian population.

For its peripheral location and its orography that make communication between the Ionian and the tirrenian sides difficult, Calabria should be regarded as the third major island of Italy. For this reason, the expansion of the airports is important for the economical and social development of the region. An important role in the regional economic development plays tourism. Many tourist resorts and hotels rise around the airport, stretching from the archaeological area of Capocolonna and the promontory of Capo Rizzuto, home of the largest Mediterranean marine reserve.