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The EC Regulation nr 1107/2006 provides the ground handling services to passengers with reduced mobility.

According to the regulation a PRM is equal to any other passenger and the airline must accept the transportation of these passengers, if a regular reservation and  a ticket have been issued.

The airline can refuse boarding of a PRM for safety reasons or if the aircraft structure does not allow a comfortable boarding procedure. In this case, the airline will notify the refusal to passenger that will be refunded and if possible transferred to another similar flight.

The regulation applies to:

All flights departing or transiting within the community area

All flights departing from a third nation directed to a EC Nation, if the airline is communitarian.

Assistance at the airport
A trained staff will make passengers with reduced mobility  feel comfortable during their stay within the terminal.

How can you ask for the service?
You’ll have to request the service to your airline at least 48 hours before the flight departure time. The airline will reserve the service and transmit it to the airport within 36 hours before the scheduled time of departure.

If your destination requires a transit be sure your request covers all the route, to receive assistance at the departing airport throughout your journey. Be sure the service reserved is adequate to your needs and confirmed for all your flights.

The request assistance point in Crotone are located at:

  • On the outside walk on the left of the main entrance
  • At the check in desks
  • At the info point

Claims for mishandling or inadequate assistance can be addressed to the airline and to ENAC (Civil Aviation agency), that  has been appointed for the surveillance of the respect of PRM’s rights.

You can find all PRM’s rights and claim forms on ENAC website