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Inside the terminal

Inside the terminal you can find a restroom equipped for baby cares (with a changing station)


From 0 to 23 months (infants)
Babies do not occupy any seat and must travel with an adult, for this reason pay a very low fare and according to the policy of each airline have a special allowance for their own bag (check your airline baggage regulations).  If travelling with two infants they must be accompanied by two adults, even though some airlines allow a single adult to travel with two infants, one of them will have to be considered a child will pay the related fare and will occupy a seat. Contact the airline for more details. Infants must have their own identity document (passport, birth certification with a ppicture and identity card).

From 2 to 11 (child)
Pays a reduced fare and can occupy a seat and a baggage allowance equal to the adult

Unaccompanied minor
Is a minor from 5 to 14 years (12years for some airlines) who is travelling unaccompanied. The service must be requested during the reservation. The airport staff will escort the minor to the aircraft and during the fligt will be assisted by a flight attendant. The parent/tutor is requested to remain within the terminal until flight departure.

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If you’re expecting a baby, inform the agent as you reserve the flight, and anyway you’ll be asked to present a medical certificate if you’re in the last four weeks of pregnancy, if you’re having  medical complications or if you’re expecting twins.